portrait of Patrick Assumpção by Rodolfo Goud, in Traço de União. A samba house in São Paulo, Brazil.

Patrick Assumpção

Businessman, 48

Urban countryman

I was born in São Paulo and most of my friends and family are from here, too. This is also where I undertook all of my education, gaining a degree in industrial design. The neighbourhoods that were my home were Morumbi and Pinheiros, but later I discovered and frequented many of the samba houses in downtown and also in the suburbs: São Mateus, Butantã, Embu das Artes...

When I finished up with college I went to run my great grandfather’s farm in a place in the countryside called Pindamonhangaba, which is about an hour and a half outside of the city. Although my work is rooted there my business is very much tied to the metropolis. In “Pinda”, I grow foods of all kinds, including the best mandioca that you are likely to find, and I sell it to the restaurants in the city.

When in S.P, I mostly take the subway to move around – and then my car to go back and forth from my refuge in the farm, away from traffic!

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