Portrait of Luísa Bittencourt by Rodolfo Goud

Luísa Bittencourt

Journalist, 36

A nomad in S.P

I was born in Itaim, but I lived in Osasco until I went to college. Then I went to live with my father in Perdizes because it’s near PUC University, where I got my journalism degree.

I’m at my mother’s in Osasco, my boyfriend’s in Higienópolis, my father’s in Perdizes, college, I study History at USP, in Butantã, and work in Downtown. Whew! My father says my house is my backpack.

I’m a press officer in S.P’s Secretariat of Culture taking care of the cultural map of the city. I discovered yoga when in PUC and dived into it. I’ve now decided I want to be a yoga teacher.