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Consolação, São Paulo

Dancing in the night

I go to a lot of dance schools, but WA is my tip because it's so versatile: it fits everyone's taste and schedule.
It has a great variety of classes and they happen up to 11 p.m., 12 a.m., all of them teached by excellent professionals - and the sample class is not expensive.

Teachers there are great friends of mine, and another thing I find cool about the place is the environment, because people who go dancing late at night love it for real.

So you'll be surrounded by a crew that's passionate about dancing, guys and girls who are into the alternative scene, a good mix.

And then, since the studio is located in the hyped area of Rua Augusta, you can go out and have a beer with your dance peers and friends afterwards.

I recommend trying out classes such as Fernanda Fiuza's - Jazz Funk, a type of contemporary urban dance -, Netto Soares' - Street Jazz or Videodance, something very Beyonceé-like -, and Nayane Fernandes' -, who teaches Dancehall mixed with other styles, like Cramping. Be sure to have a go!

In WA Danças you won't feel lost because every class - Afro, Tap Dancing, Flamenco, you name it - have beginner groups.

The structure and decoration are very nice, the big room has a very peculiar lighting and the windows let the students see what's going on outside - and outsiders can peek inside, too.

Have you ever thought of learning different dance styles and having a night out all at once?

Rua Augusta, 1273,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01305-100
Luciana Bauer Choreographer and dancer, 42

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