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Vidya Yoga

Perdizes, São Paulo

Know thyself

My passion for yoga began and keeps growing at Vidya Yoga, right by PUC University, in Perdizes. I found there a different practice, Raja Vidya Yoga: it focus not only on the physical, but the whole yoga philosophy is integrally applied to every aspect of my life, starting in my body.

It is a rare line of yoga in Brazil. In Vidya classes you first eliminate tensions, make blood circulation better, then do strength, balance and stretching exercises, and close it with relaxation and meditation – always one thing responding to another. It’s no use wanting to meditate with a rigid body, right after an exhausting day’s work.

I’ve always searched for something that could answer my questions but I didn’t fit in anything. I was from the Punk movement, by that kind of protest was full of contradictions… I was in Candomblé, Ayahuasca, but none of it was the right way to channel the energy that needed to flow within me.

Yoga gave me a meeting with myself, something I missed. Everything fits together, the world is more coherent, even my flaws. At this school I’ve learned that the idea is not to repress what happens inside of you, but understanding your crises and dealing with one thing at a time.

At Vidya, if you’re not so much into exercises, you can learn about psychoanalysis; if you’re not into that, you can get acquainted with vegan cuisine, or Ayurveda medicine – everything will resonate with your life. After the trial class, I never stopped.

Vidya Yoga
Rua Cardoso de Almeida, 997,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05013-001
Luísa Bittencourt Journalist, 36

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