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Mairiporã, São Paulo

Unusual theme park

Velhão is far from being just a restaurant: it is really a citadel in the middle of Serra da Cantareira, where I go for the magic of leaving São Paulo almost without leaving it.

An incredible getaway in the midst of the green, high up, where there's food, stores and bars. I've even listened to a guy singing in italian there, a country duo... It's like a very unusual theme park!

The cool thing is that the whole complex is made out of recycled demolition material, so I trip out on the place's structures and all of the beauty around it.

There's even a record store where I've found pretty cheap stuff such as classic Elvis and Johnny Cash LPs, some nice findings.

Restaurant Das Véia is incredible and takes you on a tour around Brazil and the world with all kinds of food, pasta, meat and salads at a fixed price, so you can have a blast.

You better eat well at the end to get yourself together if, like me, you decided to get up there on a bike... The way down, though, is gonna be wonderful!

Viajo highlights

Serra da Cantareira is a mountain range located North of São Paulo and belongs to the cities of São Paulo, Guarulhos, Mairiporã and Caieiras. It preserves native Atlantic forest and holds trails for mountain bike and other sports.

This used to be a route for carts of traders in XVI and XVII centuries, who traded goods from and to the states of Minas Gerais and Goiás. Their water was stored in bottles named "cântaros" and stayed in shelves named "cantareiras" - therefore the name.

Velhão was built there by late Mr. Moacyr Archanjo dos Santos, an enthusiast of old architecture. His wife, Iracema, runs the place nowadays. Velhão and Véia (old man and woman in popular Portuguese), names of the place and the restaurant, are affective nicknames to the couple.

Estrada Santa Inês, 3000,
São Paulo,
S.P. 07600-000
Gisa Gabriel Exec. producer, DJ, 51

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