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Tuju Restaurante

Pinheiros, São Paulo

Revolutionary food

I find the concept of Tuju very nice. The space is cool – you go in and straight ahead there’s the kitchen. There’s also the herb garden thing that they keep in the upper floor and, the most important aspect: the food is really good! And they also serve nice drinks.

If you’re into the organic movement or not is one thing… But I’ve got to hand it to them: it’s pretty hard to do what they do! Having over 300 species of edible plants in a building, in São Paulo… It is fantastic, revolutionary, and totally crazy!

Tuju gets its supplies directly. There’s no middleman. So the food that goes into the restaurant – and your mouth, of course! – are those selected by them. Therefore the dishes are though out since the very source in order for it to be experienced exactly the way chef Ivan Ralston envisioned.

The entrées are all amazing. And the chef’s mastery in creating unexpected things by mixing ingredients is noteworthy. I’m not much of a drink person and even consider myself an orthodox when it comes to drinking: but those who are into it love it!

Tuju Restaurante
Rua Fradique Coutinho, 1248,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05416-001
Ciça Camargo Artist, 64

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