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Terraço Cidade Jardim

Jardim Panorama, São Paulo

No laziness in S.P

I love going to the gym. Really! And in Reebok Cidade Jardim I discovered that exercising can be even more fun, since it’s on top of a shopping mall and the view is amazing.

I choose to go to Cidade Jardim unit on weekends because they have a full-day schedule of fitness classes that are very nice.

It is very well equipped and they also have an open-air area that's greatly refreshing.

Even if you're not enrolled in the gym, you can pay a daily fee and spend the day doing yoga, running, swimming, having a massage or whatever.

I try to go five or more days a week to run, do weight training and yoga. I'm an anxious person and working out helps me calming down and relaxing the body.

Sometimes I get in there after lunch and only get out in the evening.

Sports were already part of my routine before I started going to Reebok, but there I'm able to organize the way I exercise, never mixing heavy stuff with flexibility routines, for example.

The place is filled with celebrities. One time I was on the treadmill and next to me was Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa.

The environment is energetic, no one there is lazy and you get contaminated by that up rhythm.

Another good thing of Reebok Cidade Jardim is that is surrounded by excellent restaurants and I have to be careful not to eat too much right after the work out!

I recommend just chilling out after the gym at restaurant Due Cuochi, even if just to have a glass of wine among the jabuticaba trees and with that great view ahead.

Terraço Cidade Jardim
Av. Magalhães de Castro, 12.000,
Jardim Panorama,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05502-001
Sonaira San Pedro Marketing director and writer, 38

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