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Tapioca ECA-USP

Butantã, São Paulo

A love story with tapioca

When I got into USP I was kinda lost because I was older than most of the students, but I befriended a guy my age who invited me to eat next to ECA, where there’s several food trailers, hot dogs, pastel… I don’t like deep fried, heavy food, so I went for the tapioca and, wow… super tasty!

My basic tapioca has pizza filling, but you can get just cheese, palm heart, olives… And since I never eat a savory tapioca without a sweet one afterwards, my favorite is called Sensação, that is filled with chocolate and strawberry.

The Arts and Communication School (ECA) is a little far from the History school, where I study. I used to go there exclusively with that friend of mine, this was our thing!

This friend became an affair, and then we split up… But we were still friends and our “veteran” meeting spot was always the tapioca… And today, he is my boyfriend!

You can find the trailer in a very enclosed street, almost like a parking lot, hidden behind the school building.

The lady that makes the tapiocas runs the business with the help of her two sons. You order and give them your name, then you wait and they call you, you eat and only then you pay. It’s a family business and they are super chill to the point of thrusting that no one’s gonna leave without paying.

It’s always full of people, students, people who go to symposiums… But even people who have nothing to do there go grab a bite of tapioca.

Viajo highlights

The Univeristy of São Paulo is the biggest and most important public university in Brazil. Most of its teaching units are located in Cidade Universitária, a city with over 8 million square meters inside Butantã neighborhood that serves as the “campus of the capital” of the university – which is owned by the Government of the State of São Paulo.

More than just schools, the University City encompasses a variety of cultural activities, such as theatre and interventions, parties, libraries and museums, restaurants and food trucks and spaces for sports activities, cycling, rowing and running, as well as marathons and other competitions.

Tapioca ECA-USP
Av. Prof. Almeida Prado, 1280,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05508-070
Luísa Bittencourt Journalist, 36

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