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Consolação, São Paulo

Meeting point of generations

The first time I came here was a long time ago, by chance, walking alone after going to a movie. Since then I became a habitué and started bringing friends with me.

We sit upstairs, where Mr. Almeida and Cícero work, and they keep serving our table up to the late hours. It's a tradition now!

Because it is a symbol of the city's Downtown it's mostly crowded and I always meet friendly faces here.

Musicians usually come right after their shows to eat and drink something, and I think that this place also ended up being a meeting point of several generations.

In fact, when I wrapped up my last record I included Mr. Almeida and all the crew at Sujinho in my acknowledgements. He knows what everybody likes so as soon as I get here, he brings me a shot of cachaça Lua Nova.

Viajo highlights

Sujinho has been for over 40 years on the way between Downtown and Paulista Ave. It began as the "little dirty" bar, as locals used to call it - only to become embedded in the heart of the people of São Paulo.

Affectionately called by the locals as “Sujinho” (which directly translates to “The little dirty one”) in its origins, only to become a known chain encrusted in the hearts of the paulistano.

Rua da Consolação, 2078,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01302-001
Tatá Aeroplano Musician, 47

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