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Sesc Pompeia

Pompeia, São Paulo

Cheap, memorable shows

Sesc Pompeia makes everyone happy with quality shows at fair prices. Every show that was a highpoint in my life happened there, for real!

I go there since I was a boy because I lived in the region of Pompeia. And I had to listen to my mom's sermons because I kept getting my shoes wet when hopping the rocks in the little creek that's inside the place.

The first reminiscence I have is from an Arrigo Barnabé's show there... I didn't get much of it at the time, but I thought it was great!

I remember a Jorge Ben's show during carnival time when he wasn't much under the spotlight, in the theatre of SESC Pompeia. Awesome show! I myself played there when I was young and it's always a delight.

Did I mention I'm not a night guy? So I think it's wonderful that shows begin early and don't go far into the night, that's perfect for me. Good rock, reggae, jazz, rap, samba shows... I've seen it all.

And the architecture of the place has a glow of its own. It's designed by Lina Bo Bardi, with different kinds of rooms, modern stuff. It's a democratic space, really.

And what about the lunch? In the end of the month when I'm already broke I go there and make one hell of a plate for, what, R$ 6,00?

I am very fond of Sesc Pompeia. It's like a mother. And you might as well enjoy it, cause you only got one

Viajo highlights

The unit of Social Service of Commerce (Sesc) of Pompeia neighborhood was born as Leisure Center Factory of Pompeia, from a barrel factory.

World renowned architect Lina Bo Bardi noticed that its structure was put in place by French pioneer of reinforced concrete in the beginning of the 20th century, François Hennebique, and that got Bo Bardi to "peel off" the building and reconstruct it in a modern fashion - it soon became a reference for young Brazilian architects.

Besides shows, Sesc Pompeia, as many other Sescs in São Paulo and Brazil, grants to the population a vast amount of sports, leisure and cultural activities, as well as some regarding health and well-being.

Arrigo Barnabé is a Brazilian musician that appear to the world as the next big thing since Tropicália. He mixes elements and procedures of classical 20th century music with lyrics that criticize the big city way of life. His composing style makes his music have a very close take on the urban talk of his time.

Sesc Pompeia
Rua Clélia, 93,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05042-000
Zeca MCA Music producer, 47

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