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Serpentário Instituto Butantan

Butantã, São Paulo

In the serpent’s nest

This is a place to demystify the idea that snakes are malevolent animals and to lose that primal fear that we seem to naturally have.

It's very cool to see children going there, enjoying and learning about the great amount of research made to benefit humanity from serpent venom.

The place is kind of art deco. Many vaccines were produced there - in fact, Instituto Butantan participated in the development of many combined vaccines - and also antidotes for all sorts of venom.

There's also a learning part of the experience in which you can get to know and even touch the snakes, see them in a reproduction of their natural habitat, just hanging out. It's pretty cool. You'll end your visit wanting to buy a stuffed animal in the form of a snake!

Viajo highlights

Besides being one of the biggest biomedical research centers in the world and responsible for the production of 51% of the vaccines and 56% of antidotes for prophylaxis and curative purposes - Instituto Butantan encompasses a big and beautiful park, full of green, with varied and very pleasant spaces for visitation.

Its foundation took place still in the late 19th century and, in 1914, the Central Building was inaugurated. In the same year, the construction of the Serpentarium began, being one of the oldest installations of the place.

Years before, the space of the serpentarium was used only to extract venom implemented in the production of antidotes.

With the transfer of the animals to acclimatized rooms, the serpentarium was refurbished and was given native plants and water sources to project the natural ambient of the species.

Serpentário Instituto Butantan
Av. Vital Brasil, 1.500,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05503-000
Facundo Guerra Entertainment entreprenuer, 48

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