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Sarau do Binho

São Paulo

Ghetto’s Divine Comedy

Sarau do Binho is not a physical place, but it resists the passing of time and adversities, as a travelling act. It is a very special event. People come to recite poems from writers they admire, or the poets themselves read theirs own poems.

It is very touching to see all that poetry springing from the outskirts of the city. It's top-notch art that you may have never thought you'd finding here.

Binho is a character. In the 90s, he used to do Poestesia (Postetry, in a free translation), which is where short poems written on cardboard and tied up to street posts at a height that people on buses can read.

One time, a graffiti artist friend of mine, invited me to participate in a cultural occupation in Campo Limpo. This occupation, named CITA, was very theatre-oriented. And there, in the outrskirts of South São Paulo, the idea of putting artists together to share poems out loud was born.

Laura Guimarães Poetess, 44

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