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Sala São Paulo

Campos Elíseos, São Paulo

A classical delight

I love classical music and I’m a pianist, I play at home. Inspiration usually comes in the late hours, and my neighbor is not too happy about it! But when I want to hear some quality music I go to Sala São Paulo: because it is a concert hall with such an old architecture, but it’s amazing inside; because it stays in the middle of a place called “crackland” - but it's so alive and kicking regarding its agenda!

As a frequent traveler, when I arrive in whatever city, whatever country, my first stop is always a concert hall! I know many of them, but here we have a unique style. It is an extremely modern hall, the best in Latin America acoustics-wise - but with its own special charm.

Memorable concerts take place in Sala São Paulo, and one of my favorites is Nelson Freire's piano concert, which happens every year. I like to sit up in the balcony, in the front - but before I sit myself there I have a delicious glass of red wine.

I got to know Sala São Paulo as soon as I moved into town, in 2005, and went straight to see Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons". It was during daylight on a Sunday, preceded by a brunch - a thoughtful little gift from them that happens on weekends.

A certain political fight is going on between Sala São Paulo and Theatro Municipal, which is now run by Sala São Paulo's (and the State’s Symphonic Orchestra’s) former maestro - and I want this dispute to keep going because the agendas are packed with very good shows!

Sala São Paulo
Praça Júlio Prestes, nº 16,
Campos Elíseos,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01218 020
Sonaira San Pedro Marketing director and writer, 38

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