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Rua Augusta

Consolação, São Paulo

From luxury to garbage

In Augusta Street, I prefer the Downtown side of it, where I’m used to go shopping during the day. There are many stores, with so many options of clothes, accessories, shoes, and skateboard shops as well. Everything you’re looking for, you find in Augusta.

And then there’s the bars and nightclubs… Some bars are nice to go during the day, because at night it can be pretty packed down. Augusta St. is a place I can go alone and will always find someone I know, because literally everyone is there: all kinds of people of all ages.

I’ve been going there since I was 15 years old, and I believe it has only gotten better. Especially when it comes to safety, as the police is very present even on weekends when the street is crowded.

Regardless of the specific spot, what I really like is the mood. Just sitting somewhere having a beer, talking to some friends and enjoying the vibe – and in Augusta it’s always a good one!

Viajo highlights

Augusta St. is probably one of the most complete streets in the world in a social aspect. In short, it goes from luxury to “garbage” (“luxo ao lixo” is a Portuguese expression that plays with the sound of it as well): starting at a very “premium” region of the city – where we find several luxury car shops – passing thorough an area of businesses linked to the fashion industry, and going into Downtown, after crossing Paulista Ave., where "Low Augusta" begins. A place to see and to be at.

Rua Augusta
Rua Augusta, 1700,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01412-000
Amanda Vasconcelos Skater and student, 30

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