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Rota do Acarajé

Santa Cecília, São Paulo

Bahia in São Paulo

I like going there on Saturdays with friend because of the vibe, the drinks and, mainly, because of the food. The distinct flavor of Northeastern food, especially from Bahia, is also a little bit a São Paulo thing: acarajé is a very popular recipe around here – and the one of Rota do Acarajé is exquisite.

For those who don’t know, acarajé is a Brazilian treat: a deep fried ball of beans cut in half to accommodate the delicious vatapá – a well-seasoned mush of shrimp and cashew nuts – and dry shrimp. I love it.

O go there to spend the day. I take a sip of some of the cachaças from the large list they have there – taste the cinnamon one –, beers from around the world and I never miss Caldeirada, a delightful fish stew that makes a great lunch for those who like seafood like me!

Viajo highlights

Cachaça or pinga is a distilled spirit made from sugarcane molasses that is appraised worldwide. What not everyone knows is why there’s such great variety in Brazil.

The factors that influence the different types of pinga, the color, the flavor, alcoholic content, etc., are mostly the way it is fermented, distilled and aged.

Non-industrial cachaças are typically made in copper alembics and have distinct time for fermentation, before distillation – this period can be of hours or years!

The barrels in which they age also have a strong influence: oak, peanut and cherry tree are some of several types of wood that give each cachaça unique flavors and textures.

Rota do Acarajé
Rua Martim Francisco 529/533,
Santa Cecília,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01226-001
Gisa Gabriel Exec. producer, DJ, 51

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