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Restaurante Vito

Vila Madalena, São Paulo

A carnivore Italy in S.P

When I met André Mifano, the chef at Vito, I was overwhelmed in a good way: young, talented, smart and funny - a typical specimen of the new "breed" of chefs from São Paulo.

The thing at Vito is an Italian read of Brazilian ingredients. He makes everything from scratch, since chopping up the animal. He does pork cheek, one of the most delicious and simplest meats I’ve ever tasted. For those who enjoy pork, it’s sensational.

André takes herbs, beans and other ingredients very seriously because he is determined to use exclusively Brazilian products – mostly organic.

The restaurant sits at a high part of Vila Madalena neighborhood, very cozy and intimate. The ceiling is made of concrete so you get no cellphone signal. You’ll enjoy the real company of whoever goes there with you!

People within a 30-50 years old range who enjoy eating properly are habitués. Although it’s not exactly cheap, a two course meal and dessert won’t kill ya! It stands a little bellow the price line of big restaurants in S.P, but at the same quality level.

Their meat is cured right there. André studies the right kind of fungus for the right process in each meat, he uses river stones to prepare the fungi… that’s the measure of the care he takes for what he does.

Vito’s hot for cold cuts: lots of salami and bresaolas.
There’s also the Japanese cut of meat wagyu, sliced and cured, turkey neck and whatever you imagine of pork meat, their specialty. These things may seem uncommon, but they’re delicious.

Viajo highlights

The inspiration for the name of the restaurant was fictional mafia lord Vito Andolini, A.K.A. Don Corleone. The “outlaw” atmosphere has also something to do with the beginning of André’s career, as he describes to Destemperados blog: “It was an underground thing to be a cook, suspicious activity. In USA, those who took over the stove were ex-convicts. That’s the reason of the tattoo culture.”

Mifano refers to its own tattoos. He’s covered in them; that and his camouflage apron make for a great accompaniment of his edgy personality. For him, Brazilian chefs should stop trying to imitate Alex Atala and find their own way of expressing their creativity in the kitchen.

Restaurante Vito
R. Isabel de Castela, 529,
Vila Madalena,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05445-010
Patrick Assumpção Businessman, 48

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