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Puxadinho da Praça

Pinheiros, São Paulo

A joint in posh V. Madá

When I was younger, Vila Madalena neighborhood was much less a place for hipster parties and more of walking carelessly on the streets, from bar to bar...

Puxadinho reminisces that old bohemian feeling and I can get there with whatever sloppy clothes I have on to listen some nice music, no fuss, you know?

I don’t go out a lot but, when I do, I dig places that go down to the roots! Puxadinho has that, though it sits in the middle of Vila Madá.

So it’s an alternative to all the poshiness of the neighborhood, with shows from musicians who just started playing, famous artists and those I’ve never heard of!

In Puxadinho I enjoy sipping on a beer and sometimes a caipirinha. It has the perfect mood for people like me, not much into going out, but the line up is full of cool stuff and the place goes in the opposite direction of the hype, a house for every type of people to meet. And that’s where we meet!

Puxadinho da Praça
Rua Belmiro Braga, 216,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05432-020
Laura Guimarães Poetess, 44

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