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Prata da Casa

Pompeia, São Paulo

The best of what’s new

Project Prata da Casa in Sesc Pompeia has always a great selection of concerts, never with bands alike playing on the same stage. Up till now, nothing has turned me down. And better yet: it is free!

Besides the great quality offered, I like the support Sesc gives to alternative bands. They are holding the spotlight over artists that the public may not know. It’s a way of keeping the scene alive and displaying the work of those who don’t perform that often. There’s lots of bands in the lineup that are not from S.P.

I had been to Sesc Pompeia a lot recently because it has a fair price and perfect placement in the city. The fact that Prata da Casa happens on Tuesdays is very nice for when I have nothing to do! And it’s quite early: if it was later at night I wouldn’t be very excited to go.

I watch a quality show for zero bucks and before 10 o’clock I catch the subway and go home. That’s great!

Viajo highlights

The expression "prata da casa" (freely translated "family silver") is of uncertain origin, but there's some speculation that it is a comparison to what took place in bourgeoisie homes in 19th and 20th centuries: on special occasions families showed off what they had best, for example, serving the meal on a silver plate.

By extension, "family silver" (something like "home-grown talent" when dealing with people, sport players or artists) was then used to express "going with the best you've got".

Prata da Casa
Rua Clélia, 93,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05042-000
Magoo Felix Musician and artist, 46

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