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Praça Roosevelt

Consolação, São Paulo

An old new friend

When I arrived in S.P, Praça Roosevelt was a super alternative place, for the underground people, really, independent artists connected with the theaters that surround it. It was one of the coolest spots in town... and the good news is that it’s still is!

It went through big transformations over the last years, physical and social: a rebuilding made it more modern and, besides, caused the square to flourish as a stage for movements, political and human right discussions.

It is interesting to know that the square was reconstructed with soft stones and, for the kids, it turned into a skate plaza! And for the population in general a space to be together and resist!

And the artistic scenario around Praça Roosevelt is still living up to old times. Teatro Satyros has been there for 15 years now and you can’t dissociate it from the square anymore. They have two places for experimentation with new acting languages.

SP Espaço de Teatro, also managed by the Satyros group, is very cool and attracts even more young college students to the square.

Viajo highlights

Franklin Roosevelt Square, named by the major at the time in homage to United State’s president, was built in the 60s and stands between two of the most important streets in the city’s central region: Consolação and Augusta.

After a two-year reconstruction it went back to being one of the main leisure locations in the Downtown area. It has trees, flowers, eco-friendly floors and even a drinking fountain for pets.

Also after the revitalization, it became a hotspot for skaters for the kind of floor it has and also for the handrails and obstacles that serve the typical moves of street skating.

Around Roosevelt there are several theatre houses and bars that have cool schedules for nights out. And there are no few places that give the square this theatrical feel: Teatro Studio Helena Guariba, Companhia Satyros, Espaço Parlapatões, Miniteatro, Teatro do Ator and Teatro Cultura Artística.

It pays off to check on the houses’ programs and also what each one has to offer in terms of food and beverages for you to give your experience a proper seasoning!

Praça Roosevelt
Praça Franklin Roosevelt,
São Paulo,
S.P 01303-020
Felipe Brait Artistic and cultural producer, 140

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