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Praça Horácio Sabino

Jardim das Palmeiras, São Paulo

Green, peaceful and safe

I love spending some lazy Sunday mornings at Praça Horácio Sabino, a big square that looks and feels like being at a cozy little park, which I visit since I moved to Pinheiros neighborhood.

The good thing is that it's super safe and I have no trouble just spreading a cloth over the grass, leaving my stuff and laying there for a while, reading a book, no worries in mind.

I bring some fresh fruit from the market with me to enjoy while appreciating the beauty of the tall trees swinging with the breeze and letting a few sun rays sparkle through its leaves, the movement of people going by and specially how they relate to their dogs.

There's a cute basset hound that always catches my attention when he arrives with his owner at the square. He's so fat that he has his own ramp to get from the car to the floor and back! He goes sweeping the floor with his ears and walking with a sloppiness that cracks me up every time!

People go there all the time to do their yoga, walk on a slack line between two trees, take their children to play with the big toys that are there at their disposal.

A green place that's great to go and just feel the grass between my toes right in the middle of the city.

Praça Horácio Sabino
R. Gabriel de Brito, S/N,
Jardim das Palmeiras,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05412-010
Roberta Cardoso Designer and art director, 43

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