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Praça Benedito Calixto

Jardim Paulista, São Paulo

Old friend Benedito

Praça Benedito Calixto, in Pinheiros, is a one-stop-shop for a bunch of things I like to do, from eating tasty little food to digging up references for my art, everything in the same square.

It is a very special and traditional place in the neighborhood and in the city, where street vendors gather to sell all kinds of things, LPs, clothing, handcraft items, decoration pieces…

But what catches me are the antiques, with beautiful works in porcelain wares, and also contemporary items from where I extract inspiration to develop my own work.

I love how people refer to Benedito like an old friend, as if they were visiting someone's house. And there's always a little party really happening at this house, with some chorinho, a type of samba, playing in the backyard.

I have two little golden tips to those who are going to Benedito: get there early in the morning, because the best items disappear quickly!

And to try out "espera marido", a sweet treat in Sr. Obeny and Mrs. Maria Emília's tent. It is made out of curdled milk – food fit for the gods!

At Benedito Calixto I see beautiful things, new and old, young and old people from everywhere in town, different styles, aromas and flavors while going at an outdoors walk right in the midst of the crowded commercial street Teodoro Sampaio.

Viajo highlights

Choro, or chorinho, is a very urban music that came out of Rio de Janeiro’s backyards to take the stages of Brazil and around the world, because of the refinement, virtuosity and improvisation contained in its melodies and harmonies.

The mix that originated it are similar to those of samba – European and African rhythms -, but what characterizes choro is the instrumental execution, typically with a 7-string guitar, guitar, cavaquinho, mandolin, flute and tambourine.

There are many kinds of choro, with influences from maxixe, polka, waltz, etc., but it’s easy to identify it: a certain melancholy mixed with the sweetness of melodies and a rhythm that makes us wanna slow dance with someone.

Praça Benedito Calixto
Praça Benedito Calixto,
Jardim Paulista,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05406-040
Roberta Cardoso Designer and art director, 43

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