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Bom Retiro, São Paulo

A fundamental art center

The refurbishment that Pinacoteca received, with that garden – made Pinacoteca beautiful! I find it fantastic. And an exhibition that had a profound impact in me was Rodin's, 20 or so years ago. I spent hours in line to go in and had to ask a neighbor to pick up my kids at school - I couldn't miss it for the world!

It appeared in São Paulo as a building to help making Downtown better, as it was with Mario de Andrade Library, where I used to go as a child, with my mother, to listen to concerts. It is a very important culture center and we can't lose that!

In the end of the day the people who go there are those "initiated". You only see more everyday people going to exhibitions when there's a school excursion or special events of sorts. It is a distance that shouldn't exist, but it does because people usually think that the visual arts are only for the erudite.

But at more famous exhibitions, of big international names of the arts, it soothes my heart because is more common to see all kinds of people getting in line to see it. It is very cool to see hip people, skaters, youngsters and old people - and I really think people have to get mixed together!

Praça da Luz, 2,
Bom Retiro,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01120-010
Ciça Camargo Artist, 64

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