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Avenida Paulista - Caminhada

Bela Vista, São Paulo

As a good paulistana...

Before I got involved in street art, I used to walk from my home to Paulista Avenue strolling along it and back. It’s a flat land, and very soothing on your feet. It is a crazy avenue, with all sorts of people. Wherever you look, there are a thousand freaky scripts being written.

One time I was waiting for the bus, and suddenly I saw a huge traffic fight, with cars bumping into each other. When I finally boarded the bus, I watched as a group of Hare Krishnas hop along the sidewalk-- wow, I wish I'd made a story on that!

Going by Itaú Cultural, I always look at the schedule because there’s always something to do. Sometimes, there’s an exhibition, an occupation or even a workshop. I make it a habit to find out what’s going on in these streets, and if I can't come right away, I make a plan to go soon.

And then there's MASP, the Museum of Art of São Paulo. This place needs no introduction.. No matter if I go there once or many times a year to see the same paintings, their collections are marvelous and I never get tired of seeing them. Plus, there's always a new exhibition.

I love to watch street artists. Fortunately, they’ve been performing more and more in São Paulo and in Paulista. It’s always been beautiful, but every time I hear the musicians playing, I realize the music is becoming even more beautiful and elaborate!

So, in Paulista, what I enjoy doing most is discovering new and re-discovering old things. There's always gonna be something in this madness. As a good paulistana, I love Paulista!

Avenida Paulista - Caminhada
Av. Paulista,
Bela Vista,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01310-200
Laura Guimarães Poetess, 46

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