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Pateo do Collegio

Centro, São Paulo

São Paulo’s sacred root

When I enter Pateo do Collegio I see myself in a peaceful garden that immediately makes me forget I’m in Downtown São Paulo. The breakfast with some types of bread handmade by Jesuit priests is a way to start the morning shifted in a different gear, eating for hours and just letting all that history sink in.

My wife and I like to walk around that area – we get off at some subway station and go walking through Historic Downtown, which I find beautiful. Even the ugly part of it is beautiful…

And when you arrive, in general, it’s empty! There are always few people going by, except when a mass is taking place, so it’s totally calm. It’s crazy how so few paulistanos imagine themselves having breakfast Downtown, in the root of the city, you know? It’s a joy.

That’s why this is really a tourist day out to do, because many paulistanos are tourists in Historic Downtown when visiting the Pateo’s museum, checking out the original wall that’s been there for centuries… walking around the place lighthearted leads you to incredible discoveries.

And all of the sudden you look around and realize that São Paulo was born in that spot. And you really can’t deny that’s exactly the place where it was supposed to first rise.

São Paulo has an anti-hero thing. It seems as if it is saying: “I don’t want you to like me”. But when I’m in a place like Pateo do Collegio, I think to myself: “Hey, let me love you!” It’s so hard to like it, that when you do, you like it from the bottom of your heart!

Viajo highlights

Pateo do Collegio, founded in January 25th, 1554, is São Paulo’s mile zero. It has a reason to be a religious collegium annexed to a church, founded by Jesuit priests Manuel da Nóbrega and José de Anchieta for initiating indigenous people in Christianity: this practice is what characterized the initial relationship between Portuguese pioneers and colonized natives from Brazilian lands.

Nowadays it is an archeological site, with much of the original architecture and objects preserved for public visitation, right in the heart of the city. The main historical attraction is the original wall from 1585 which survived the demolition and reconstruction of the complex in its present form.

Cultural activities in Pateo do Collegio include concerts, presentations, art and history workshops and theatrical plays. It has a museum and a library. Masses, blessings, religious retreats, weddings and classes take place there also.

Pateo do Collegio
Praça Pátio do Colégio, 2,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01016-040
Zeca MCA Music producer, 48

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