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Parque da Água Branca

Perdizes, São Paulo

A farm in the city

Twice a week I go to Parque da Água Branca to train with a running group and our coach, early in the morning.

The funny thing is that I use to run into my favorite bar's owner - in the afternoon he reprimands me because I started such a health day only to ruin it by eating feijoada!

Joking aside, this is a park I visit since I was a baby, so it is for me a great collection of affective memories.
And there's nothing better than acquiring a new habit, such as running, in a familiar, cherished and beautiful environment.

Sometimes you're running and a duck, a chicken or a peacock crosses by... it's like being at the farm in the middle of the city. There are even horses!

You can also check out the Farmer's Market and, after you get your hands on some quality organic food, you can go for a stroll, sit on a bench and enjoy nature... It's so good and cozy because it's a small park.

This is the perfect place to go with kids, too. Nowadays I go with my nephew and my son. As a child I used to go there feed the ducks in the pond with my mother - I mean, when I didn't eat all of the bread crumbs before even getting there.

Viajo highlights

The Farmer's Organic Market, promoted by the Organic Agriculture Association, happens on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 7 to 12 a.m. in Parque da Água Branca.

Around 45 producers open their tents with fruits, greens, vegetables, dairy products, spices and ready-made food, all organic.

In front of the market is Raiz Café, where you can please your taste buds with some organic snacks, cakes, pies and even whole-grain pizzas and pastel too.

Parque da Água Branca
Av. Francisco Matarazzo, 455,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05015-000
Zeca MCA Music producer, 47

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