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Parque Buenos Aires

Higienópolis, São Paulo

People back in the park

I’m a frequent at Parque Buenos Aires, in Higienópolis, since I arrived in São Paulo. It is the neighborhood’s park. Well, better put… it is my park! It’s small, cozy and it has a European touch that’s very relaxing.

It’s much better to run there than on the treadmill, for sure: it has a lot of green, I go looking at the trees, families, people from the neighborhood walking their dogs – I see pretty things on the way, you know?

Before I go, I turn on my running app, which shows me the route from home, monitors my performance, heartbeats, lap speed, how much calories I’ve lost… it is better than a personal trainer!

Besides all that green and natural beauty, it is interesting to appreciate the replicas of famous artists’ works, such as Victor Brecheret sculptures.

Another good thing I’ve been seeing in Parque Buenos Aires is a revival of the presence of people there. They go there to be there! Some time ago, people didn’t allow themselves to do so.

Today I see those who take a cloth to spread over the grass and have a picnic, they bring tasty food to eat, books to read, children to play and even bikinis to bathe in the sun!

In that spot I feel safe to do that kind of thing. And that nice space that the park has at anyone’s disposal seems to have inspired people to get back to it, to really enjoy it.

Parque Buenos Aires
Avenida Angélica, nº 1500,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01228-100
Sonaira San Pedro Marketing director and writer, 38

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