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República, São Paulo

An old-school cool bar

From the 1950s up to the 70s, Paribar was a hangout spot for executives and lawyers in Downtown, at Praça Dom José Gaspar. Later on, the owner and the name of the bar changed, but, in more recent years, it was rebuilt according to its original architecture and old-school Paribar was born again.

At the square right in front of the bar there's a piano for whoever wants to play it, several shows and very cool cultural and musical activities that I end up watching while inside Paribar.

It is still a place for yuppies, but nowadays you see all kinds of people there. The beers, super cold and from various brands, never stop pouring.

But their thing is, really, the snacks. They did a lot of research to figure out what the people of São Paulo typically eat and transformed all this into finger food.
So, there are bite-sized versions of well-known dishes, like the feijoada ball, and also remakes of classic appetizers, like bacon bits and all sorts of foods that reminisce the time of foundation of the city.

Now and then some cool guys come to jam on some Blues. It's a very cozy mood, right in the middle of Downtown, you know? That's why I'm a frequent there, be it on weekdays, for lunch, or at sunset, for a happy hour. It's a tradition that will be worth your while!

Viajo highlights

Paribar was such a cool bar up to the 1970s that a lot of people from the Brazilian musical scene, like Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque and Roberto Carlos, used to go there, as well as intellectuals such as writer Marcos Rey and the poet Sérgio Milliet.

When staying at Hotel Jaraguá, in 78 and 79, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards also stopped by Paribar. And it was there that Che Guevara received from then president of Brazil Jânio Quadros and honor offered to foreign personalities.

Praça Dom José Gaspar, 42,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01047-010
Patrick Assumpção Businessman, 48

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