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Museu das Invenções

Perdizes, São Paulo

Brilliant junk

For those who, like me, are always looking for trouble in order to solve it, the Museum of Inventions, or Inventionland, is the perfect place to seek inspiration. It is located at the crazy sloped streets of Perdizes neighborhood, where I live, and has a lot of crazy stuff that can help out many people in their daily lives.

It is a simple place, but it showcases super fun creations, some of them too absurd, but all of the objects are real inventions registered by their authors. My production and set design radar is always on and there I can find interesting props for ambiances of stores and events.

I'm an industrial design graduate so I can't help but to keep my artistic and creative vein pumping! At Inventionland I can also take something with me to my studio and use it as a starting point for some of my own creations.

I've wanted to assemble things together since childhood and my parents are jewel designers; after watching a story in the news about the place, I went there and, gladly, I got to know some of what's inside other creative heads that inhabit São Paulo and Brazil.

Viajo highlights

The Museum of Inventions is the only one in Latin America and gathers more than 500 inventions that may facilitate the daily routine of people; some are pretty absurd, but they also became a reality according to practical needs.

Founded by the president of the National Association of Inventors, Carlos Mazzei, who struggles to put many of these ideas in the market, the museum that is nicknamed Inventionland has items like a foldable piano, a machine that refrigerates 24 beer bottles in 7 minutes, crutches with shock absorbers and even a comb for bald people!

Museu das Invenções
R. Dr. Homem de mello, 1109,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05007-002
Gisa Gabriel Exec. producer, DJ, 53

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