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Mori Ohta Sushi

Cerqueira César, São Paulo

Sushi with a twist

Mori Ohta Sushi, in Jardins neighborhood, is awarded every year as the best all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant. It's really good.

Every time I go there I eat something different, but one of my favorites is a roll made with salmon, shrimp and roe - I don't know how it's called, but it's delicious to have it with some white wine! A nice order too is the lychee caipirinha. The tuna with foie gras is also a great item on their menu.

It could be just a regular Japanese restaurant, with a kinda hip decoration and hipster habitués, but I have a little secret for you, which makes it exquisite: ask for one of the few spots at the bar, not in the tables, because there the sushiman makes you a special meal, prepared just for you, with a variety of food that you won't get by going there as a regular customer.

Everyone goes for the tables, so be ahead of them!

You must be aware of the waiting list, which is always a long one. Be ready to wait like an hour.

Mori Ohta Sushi
Rua da Consolação, 3610,
Cerqueira César,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01416-002
Sonaira San Pedro Marketing director and writer, 38

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