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Morfeus Club

Campos Elíseos, São Paulo

Get downtown to the floor

My schedule is so crazy that the last time I went to Morfeus I had to skip work! It was my birthday so I deserved it, didn't I? I mean, the place has such a killer floor and it's so welcoming! The setting is not very glamorous, but it stays true to its black roots - and that has everything to do with the parties that happen over there.

Though it has that underground feel, it's not crammed. It's a different type of floor, more open and spacious. It's not expensive to have a drink and they even have large-sized beer bottles, a very “boteco” thing in São Paulo.

The access to it is easy, those who drive there always have a place to park the car and the fact that it's located in Downtown makes it safer, because there's a constant movement and the structure of Santa Cecília neighborhood can afford the influx of people.

The entrance makes it look like a boteco, because the lights are brighter, the music isn't so loud and you can have a nice conversation, and the decoration is very bar-like. This environment seems to take shape by accident, it is not something calculated by the owners - the original intention is for it to be a bar & lounge space.

But then, when I really want to get down to the party, I go downstairs and the rest happens literally in the underground. You get to the floor and see that wave of people dancing smoothly - but the bass is pumping loud! One of the founders is KL Day, Racionais MCs' DJ, so you know what I'm talking about.

But there are also the happy hour nights on Wednesdays that have a super elegant track playing, with 90s Disco, House, R&B - you'll be shedding some tears on the floor, dancing. I gua-ran-tee it!

Morfeus Club
Rua Ana Cintra, 110,
Campos Elíseos,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01201-060
Luciana Bauer Choreographer and dancer, 42

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