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Campos Elíseos, São Paulo

Make it your own street

I love riding my bicycle with friends at night and a nice and safe place to do that on Sundays is Minhocão. There's no car traffic at that time, it's peaceful, and that makes it one of the few open-air places to go also at night that is not a nightclub or something - you can naturally interact and socialize with other people, children and families.

When closed for car traffic Minhocão eases off a little of this “urbanoid” aspect of São Paulo and literally opens space for many cool interventions, new and free movements - on hot days you may even find a swimming pool there to refresh yourself.

If the idea of transforming this street into a park really comes to fruition, the city will benefit much and I am totally supportive of this cause. On week days Minhocão is also a shortcut to get through a segment of the city by car, but making a park of it would add so much value to that central area.

On Sundays Minhocão already functions as an open park, where everyone can see each other, and I bike along a fair portion of the city to get there and feel at ease, as if I owned that street!

Viajo highlights

Elevado Costa e Silva, nicknamed Minhocão (Big Earthworm) because of its extension and sinuosity, is an elevated express way built to connect the West Zone and Downtown, and its construction is controversial up to present times since many say it undervalued the region.

The most recent controversy revolves around demolishing it or turning it into a public park. This is a political dispute that involves several groups of the population that support one solution or another or even different ways of applying them.

While this remains unsolved, Minhocão keeps going as a shortcut from the Central area to many neighborhoods and, on saturdays and Sundays, it transforms into a big elevated park for the leisure of its visitors.

Via Elevado Pres. Artur da Costa e Silva,
Campos Elíseos,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01216-001
Gisa Gabriel Exec. producer, DJ, 51

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