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Mercado Municipal de São Paulo

Centro, São Paulo

Culinary portrait of S.P

Whenever I can, I extend my visit to 25 de março street up to “The Big Market” (as Brazilians tenderly call the City Market) – it’s just crossing the street and I’m there. I meet my friends there, we spend hours just having a beer, I buy some stuff like olives and Italian bread – and I love eating the baloney sandwich… a classic!

My family is from Bragança Paulista, in the countryside. So we used to come to São Paulo to do some shopping, mostly near Christmas. We would get here around 6 a.m. and spend the whole day.

This was a very common walk I took when I was small, with my father: 25 de março – Mercadão. I like that spot since forever and that must be why I have this fascination with bustling places! It’s just too cool.
Going to the City Market is, for me, an exercise of rescuing some of my childhood – that was “my world of São Paulo”.

Viajo highlights

As in every big city, paying a visit to the City Market is always an opportunity to get to know the local gastronomic customs – and in São Paulo is no different.

Although the "Big Market" is already part of the city's touristic route, many paulistas (people from the State of São Paulo) and paulistanos still buy their food there regularly.

The best suppliers in town gather in this market, alluring restaurant and catering service owners, and also amateur chefs. As Tatá points out, just to sit there, have a beer and a mortadela (baloney) sandwich – which is gigantic! – is a delicious day out.

Mercado Municipal de São Paulo
Rua da Cantareira, 306,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01024-000
Tatá Aeroplano Musician, 47

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