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Madureira Sucos

Vila Nova Conceição, São Paulo

A re-energizing stop

I got to know Madureira Sucos because it’s very close to a dancewear store where I use to shop. One time I got out of there starving and my eyes and stomach got caught on a piece of pie that looked just yummy!

And the place ended up embracing me, because, in the midst of chaos, it is a very nice and cozy spot to eat a cheap snack and drink some juice.

I don't consider myself a super healthy person, but sometimes by body asks for more fruit; and I found in Madureira a good balance, because it has these yummy snacks and also juices made of fruit mixes that are genius and they also have very original names.

I go for a piece of pie that is generously stuffed with filling, or the São Paulo classic grilled bread and butter!
When I feel my energy level is almost hitting zero I order an "Immune system reinvigorater", with mango, watermelon and myrtle, or something with lime to replenish my vitamin C.

As Madureira is on my way to almost every place, going to or from work, I go inside to get an energy refill.

It has a super chill environment, like being at the beach, and in the middle of the daily race, your body will be thankful for this tasty little pit stop!

Madureira Sucos
Rua João Cachoeira, 217,
Vila Nova Conceição,
São Paulo,
S.P. 04535-010
Luciana Bauer Choreographer and dancer, 42

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