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La Casserole

República, São Paulo

Food for celebrating

La Casserole is where I go when I want to celebrate an important event – closing a new deal, a special meeting with someone... or myself!

It is a gift I give myself once or twice a year; because although it is expensive, the food is totally worth it - and they have the best steak tartare in town.

Still I'm not much of a restaurant guy, I don't care about the "gourmet movement" and I'm not really that connected to the food itself - I have an affective relationship with La Casserole.

It's been since the 50s at Largo do Arouche, deep Downtown, a place known for promiscuous activity, but time stopped in that little spot - it went through decadence and revitalization, always protected from the underworld by the flowery barrier of the flower market across the street. That helped preserving in the restaurant an aura of old stuff, of going back in time.

Actually, time there goes a little slower: people who go there are not anxious, they're more mature, relaxed, bon vivant. It is perfect for decelerating.

Viajo highlights

A traditional square in the República neighborhood, deep Downtown São Paulo, Arouche Square has had many names: Ouvidor Square, Artillery Square, Alexandre Herculano Square... The current name is homage to Marshall José Arouche de Toledo Rendon.

Around the time when La Casserole was founded, in the beginning of the 50s, the Square turned officially into a Flower Market - because of all the flower merchants were slowly taking over the place as the years passed.

Today, Largo do Arouche is surrounded almost exclusively by places intended for the gay community, such as stores, bars, cinemas, saunas, sex clubs, restaurants and there's even a gay bakery!

Therefore, it has turned into a hot spot for young gay people to meet and have fun without the prejudice-filtered gaze of some other areas of the city.

La Casserole
Largo Do Arouche, 346,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01219-010
Facundo Guerra Entertainment entreprenuer, 48

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