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King Cap#SP

Vila Madalena, São Paulo

Right place and material

It's a urban art gallery where they sell material for grafitti like spray, paint, and clothes as well. The nice thing about the space is that it brings the spirit of the streets, always bringing something new, a new artist.

When I studied design, I used to get involved with these people, and that's why I got to know the place. When I needed to do some work with this aesthetics, a friend told me “Man, I have the right place to buy the right material". The owners and everyone working at the place really get what you need.

Even for people who are not from this area, it's cool to go to check the exhibition and get to know more about the urban art. There is a lot of people looking at and saying "oh this is just vandalism" and it's not. The owners themselves take you around the exhibition explaining it, and you end up seeing it with different eyes. You leave the place saying "this is really art, and nothing less"

Viajo highlights

Test bathroom: When you visit a store with such a great availability of materials to explore, there is always the need to try out new things, and for that reason the space liberated the bathroom to be occupied. You come in and try: paint the roof, the toilet, whatever you want.

King Cap#SP
Rua Fidalga, 23,
Vila Madalena,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05432-070
Amanda Vasconcelos Skater and student, 30

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