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Jazz nos Fundos

Pinheiros, São Paulo

Top class marginal jazz

I love jazz and it’s not that easy to find places that play that kind of music in São Paulo. But there’s a little hidden spot, as the name says, at the back of a parking lot in Pinheiros that is sensational: Jazz nos Fundos!

Jazz is a musical taste that I’ve developed all on my own, with no external influences, a style that got me because of how it sounds, the texture, the atmosphere…

And the atmosphere at Jazz nos Fundos takes us back to those illegal American jazz clubs where people went to have that secret, marginal pleasure, of listening to slick jazz at first hand.

When I go there in the company of friends, they ask: “Are we here?” Yes, it is really in the back! The setting is dark and simple, assembled with pieces of junk, but it is much more driven by the sound than the visual aspect of it.

Viajo highlights

Jazz nos Fundos opens Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays nights, bringing amazing jazz shows of Brazilian and international musicians.

While you listen to the players jam on stage, you can explore an environment that is put together with objects found in the streets of São Paulo – sewing machines, drawers, iron from construction sites and even pieces of a plane – and taste good beer, drinks and chew on charming little snacks.

There’s also a mini art gallery at the entrance, where young artists display their works every month.

Their website even does live broadcasts of shows happening on the stage!

Jazz nos Fundos
Rua João moura, 1076,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05412-002
Gisa Gabriel Exec. producer, DJ, 51

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