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Hotel TEE'S

Consolação, São Paulo

Three in one

You go there, have a beer, get excited and to top it off you can watch a show. It is unexpected and it follows the recipe of punk rock: pretty raw, simple.

Hotel Tee’s is a DYI thing, since the bands that play there bring their own equipment and perform in the corner. Regardless of its quality, the show always happens.

It’s a little off beat "rolê" but there’s lots of gringo beers at the bar; besides, the music show is free.

It doesn’t follow a straight line style-wise but rock usually predominates: sometimes it’s an indie band, sometimes they play hardcore.

You can have a great experience or not if, for example, the music is too noisy for a bar. But it’s worth taking the risk for the surprise factor!

Viajo highlights

Rolê is a slang from the 70s that took over Brazil for its dissemination via radio and TV. Depending on the region is rolé, with an open “e” or rolê, with a closed “e”.

Normally it refers to a ride, a walk around somewhere. It is equivalent to the slang “roll” in English, meaning a circulatory movement, a round trip.

Hotel TEE'S
Rua Matias Aires, 78,
São Paulo,
S.P. 02309-020
Magoo Felix Musician and artist, 46

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