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Pinheiros, São Paulo

Indian corner shop

I used to party a lot at Vila Madalena some time ago and I would always pass by the showcase of Geeta store, which was closed that late at night. More recently I was walking by during daytime and it clicked: "That's the store I saw at night!" It has every sort of Indian objects, clothes, furniture, decoration... I simply go crazy!

One time I was invited to an Indian-themed New Year's Eve party and when I thought about what to wear, I recalled the store right away and went there. I had to be quick, so I found the dress, bought it and got out, but I promised myself I'd be back.

Today, that store is my favorite gift shop because it's got things that, even though are not too personal, can please everyone. There are very pretty oriental items.

When you go in this little corner shop, clearance items like a garment rack and some cool junk are all there in a sort of pile in the front, which really reminisce those typical Indian street markets.

At the side there are furniture and decoration items, things to hang on the walls, chandeliers. And more to the back are the clothes, and there are lots of them, such as saris and hippie long dresses, and a studio with wonderful things, like a beautiful carved folding screen, something I got to have at home someday.

People who go there are mostly looking for presents or are those Vila Madalena's hip women searching for something specific amongst those items, earrings, necklaces, dresses. Hail Ganesh!

Rua Mourato Coelho, 981,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05417-011
Luísa Bittencourt Journalist, 36

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