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Feira Livre - Oscar Freire

Sumaré, São Paulo

A market up in the air

Oscar Freire is a street known for its luxury stores, but whenever I’m there at the tail of the street, in the segment that branches from Dr. Arnaldo avenue, what I hear are the funny screams of vendors selling their fish… and herbs, greens, vegetables and fruit at the open-air market.

This typical neighborhood market is a must for those who like to eat well and prepare their own food, because you can take a bunch of cheap stuff home and make a super Sunday lunch, with everything fresh.

There’s no way I can go there without having a taste of a variety of fruits, is delicious! But that’s because of the “battle” of the vendors, who shout out traditional market one-liners to win their customers. The one I get every time is “Help me, buy a papaya!”

The curious thing is that it is located on an overpass, above Sumaré avenue, so it’s a suspended, elevated market! It’s high up with a very nice view of the subway train passing along the other fly-over, the traffic below, the city.

Going to the open-air market of Oscar Freire ends up being a very pleasant stroll and in order to regain some energy for the remaining weekend routine, it’s always best to have the famous combo: pastel with sugar cane juice.

Feira Livre - Oscar Freire
Rua Oscar Freire, 2500,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05409-011
Roberta Cardoso Designer and art director, 43

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