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Bar da Dona Onça

República, São Paulo

A very popular jaguar

When I go Downtown I just want to enjoy myself, be around people. And at Bar da Onça I can do it! It’s in Copan Building, an absolute symbol of São Paulo.

I fell that at the same time S.P has been turning real ugly with the passing of time and all those horrendous business buildings, it became rich in opportunities to create things that oppose to that, and this bar is an example of that resistance movement.

It’s so much fun! I like to go there knowing that it is really a whole day out, that I’ll be for a long time sitting there at a table on the outside section, in the sidewalk, on a beautiful day just chatting with whoever I meet there.

And, surely, eating tasty food! It’s simple food, typical from São Paulo. And yet what is brought to my attention is the movement of Downtown, always very amusing.

It used to be more common to find people I know around there in the past, but now I find all sorts of people, from those who go attracted by a nice magazine review up to hipster folks.

Viajo highlights

Chef Janaína Rueda always liked to dress up with jaguar-themed clothes or accessories and the nickname Onça (that’s how the jaguar is called in Brazil) – given by the then boyfriend, now husband and also chef Jefferson – gave life and a name to Bar da Dona Onça (Miss Jaguar’s Bar), which, since 2008, turned into an iconic spot in S.P not only for its location at legendary Copan, but because its bar food is constantly awarded as best in town.

Over 10 thousand people and drink at this bar – with jaguar motifs and a kinda kitsch decoration – every month; it’s very popular, so a nice tip would be to get there early for lunch. And the distinct feijoada of every Saturday makes the lines at the entrance grow even longer on weekends.

Bar da Dona Onça
Av. Ipiranga, 200. Loja 27-29,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01046-925
Ciça Camargo Artist, 66

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