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DJ Club - Festa Sintonia

Jardim Paulista, São Paulo

Black S.P

I'm not a night person, I'll say it right off the bat... But if there's a place that makes me get out of the house in the late hours on Thursdays is Sintonia party at DJ Club. It's a sure shot when you want quality rap music only.

The resident DJs are none other than KL Jay, Ajamu, Marco and Will, some of the most important DJs in the scene and who set the base of national rap for a long time.

This party is for me the last quilombo of São Paulo. It's just too ghetto. The place is small and crowded, there's black music playing and mostly black people listening to it.

The first time I went there I was astonished: the DJ lowered the volume of the vocals and the whole floor sang along, not only the chorus, but the entire song!
I thought to myself: "What kind of place is this?!" It is a place for black culture resistance, an amazing party.

Viajo highlights

KL Jay is the DJ of the most influential and respected rap group in Brazil, Racionais MCs - also comprised of MCs Ice Blue, Edi Rock and Mano Brown.

Racionais were born in the outskirts of São Paulo and they sing the reality of those places and the people who live there on their records for 25 years.

Quilombos were places built by slaves as refuges in Brazil and Latin America - they started to appear in the 17th century.

Many quilombola communities exist up to the present day and quilombos are used as a symbol for the resistance against racial discrimination and of the fight of black and afro-descendant people for equality.

DJ Club - Festa Sintonia
Alameda Franca, 241,
Jardim Paulista,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01422-001
Zeca MCA Music producer, 47

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