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Cerqueira César, São Paulo

Cinema and Augusta

Hands down, the best movie selection in S.P! I went there a lot – a little less nowadays, because I'm seeing movies more as entertainment and less as aesthetic wonder –, but the curatorship is incredible, there are some great festivals happening and, by the end of the year, they have a selection of the best movies from the alternative circuit that were showed in the previous 12 months.

There's the coffee at the entrance, which is pretty good! And inside the room we have the famous bar, something very unusual – it's separate, but it's there, which is cool. It is a very charming movie theater!

Being a street theater, one of the last of its kind, its relationship with Augusta Street is strong. And my relationship with Augusta is also strong, because I started there as a businessman of entertainment, when I opened my first night club.

The street went through a lot, going from a shopping spot for São Paulo's rich people, in the 60s and 70s, to the decadence of prostitution houses in the 80s and 90s. Then it was awarded a second (or third?) incarnation, with a renewed set of places, goers and even inhabitants.

Viajo highlights

The “Lower Augusta” region is located within Cerqueira César neighborhood, Downtown São Paulo. The north axis of Rua Augusta, after Paulista Ave., and some of its crossing streets, down to Roosevelt Square, comprise the extension of the place.

The perimeter is very large and you can find everything there: schools, shopping malls, movie theaters, hotel, banks, stores... And very distinct groups get along in curious harmony: indie youngsters, rich madams that shop at Oscar Freire, tourists, gay communities, skaters, transvestites, obsessive moviegoers, etc.

For many years now the creation of Augusta Park is being studied, but the political fuss and matters involving the population of the area hinder a final decision over its construction – which is still subject of discussions.

Rua Augusta, 2075,
Cerqueira César,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01413-000
Facundo Guerra Entertainment entreprenuer, 48

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