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Cerqueira César, São Paulo

A theatre to call my own

I go to the movies a lot and I love going alone. From my house Downtown to CineSesc it’s three kilometers – a “little walk” up on Consolação street that is worthwhile. This movie theatre has always captivated me since I moved to São Paulo and began to visit cinema rooms.

When I got to know it before the refurbishment it went though, it was built in a very old fashion and got a really old feel to it. It was like going through a portal that took me back to the past.

The coffee at that time wasn’t the espresso we have today and they served it in little plastic cups. There was something melancholic about it which I enjoyed very much.

Before each session I sit on that little bar that stays inside the room, from where you can also watch the movie.

Sometimes I catch three movie sessions in one go, that’s how much I like CineSesc. It’s my favorite movie theatre.

Viajo highlights

CineSesc was founded in 1979 in the bubbling Augusta Street and stays until this day in the heart of cinema lovers in São Paulo because of its resemblance with street movie theatres that mostly belong to the past nowadays – with the popcorn vendor at the door.

For those who want the full experience of going to the movies, CineSesc is the ideal place to be, and it’s schedule also includes classes and exhibitions about the Seventh Art.

Rua Augusta, 2075,
Cerqueira César,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01413-000
Tatá Aeroplano Musician, 47

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