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Cine Belas Artes

Consolação, São Paulo

The street imitates art

Belas Artes used to be a kind of old movie theater, was rebuilt a few times, closed once again and is back for some years now, super strong!

It is also one of my favorites because I enjoy street theaters – the relationship between cinema and the street is brilliant.

The street is also fundamental in my creative process and I compose a lot when walking back from a movie.
Cão Sem Dono (Ownerless Dog) is a song that I wrote like this, on my way out of a Beto Brant movie, which has the same name, going to Sujinho:

“I’m lost and senseless
Surrendered, intoxicated
I’m an ownerless and reasonless dog.”

Viajo highlights

Beto Brant is a Brazilian moviemaker born in the countryside of São Paulo.

He began his career in the late 80s making video clips and in the beginning of the 90s he started his incursion into short films with excellent reception by critics, right off the bat.

Today his portfolio includes approximately 10 feature films that were all awarded, with a highlight to O Invasor (The Invader), from 2002, acclaimed in Brazil and abroad.

Cine Belas Artes
Rua da Consolação, 2423,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01301-100
Tatá Aeroplano Musician, 47

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