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Maria Antonia

Vila Buarque, São Paulo

Culture and battle

Centro Universitário Maria Antonia is where the old Philosophy School of the University of São Paulo - USP - used to run, and now it is a very culturally important place because the expositions are free - and there I saw some of the best contemporary art exhibitions of my life.

Maria Antonia Street, where this cultural spot is today, was also the battlefield of a historical conflict: the battle between universities USP and Mackenzie in 1968, which exposed the confrontation of left and right wing lines of thought, respectively, in São Paulo - a reflex of the Brazilian military dictatorship.

So, this little spot of the town, besides having such a great cultural collection and a not-to-miss exhibition circuit, holds an enormous historical charge that you still can feel in posters on the walls and electricity posts, and in interventions that change the name of the street in reminiscence of those who suffered the political brutality of the dictatorship.

Viajo highlights

Known as The Battle of Maria Antonia, the confrontation between students of neighbor universities USP and Mackenzie was representative of the dictatorial line of though effective at the time and the resistance to it.

The battle culminated with the USP building being set on fire, which accelerated the moving of the courses taught there to the campus of University City, which construction works were already taking place.

The building was given back to USP in 1993 to shelter the cultural space Centro Universitário Maria Antonia, dedicated to discussions and contemporary experiences in culture, art and human rights.

Maria Antonia
Rua Maria Antônia, 294,
Vila Buarque,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01222-010
Felipe Brait Artistic and cultural producer, 140

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