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Casa Europa

Jd. América, São Paulo

A traditional two-in-one

This is a hallmark of São Paulo. It’s an old place that, to me, brings a reminiscence of the extinct Bar Supremo – the owners being from the same family –, another memorable establishment, besides having a very fun and cozy atmosphere.

Casa Europa has had many forms, it was different restaurants, actually, and now it came to the really cool point in its history where it is a cantina and a grocery store, from where you can buy and take with you the pastas and sauces of the house – and also some pampering such as beautiful table cloths, napkins and the like.

The thing here is a quick and relaxed service, joyful even, something that some say has a bit of a Spanish taste to it – and all that right in Jardins neighborhood! It’s really worth it to get to know a place that’s always been a reference in São Paulo, one of the first really charming restaurants in town – and it still is even after much reformulation.

I’m totally at ease there when I go with female friends of mine, but the mood is super friendly for couples, families – it serves every purpose. The wines they import are so good!

The idea of being also a grocery store is very interesting, I find this concept lovely. Because you can go there eat, get acquainted with those items you like and shop a little at the end, bringing all that home to indulge yourself whenever you don’t feel like eating out.

Their olive oil is exquisite, their pizza is great, with a very thin dough, and their olives, whether those served in their dishes or the ones for you to take home, are super tasty.

Casa Europa
Al. Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 726,
Jd. América,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01422-000
Ciça Camargo Artist, 64

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