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Casa do Rosário

Parelheiros, São Paulo

Art in the forest

I got to know Casa do Rosário through a friend and coworker. When I went, I was absolutely fascinated and had the fantastic experience of having my art embraced for an exhibition there.

It is at Paulus Center, in Parelheiros, surrounded by two big forest conservation areas. It’s wonderful. A 40 minute trip from Downtown and you’re in the midst of Atlantic forest!

Beyond all its beauty, the purpose of Centro Paulus is pretty interesting – they have courses connected with anthroposophy and correlated themes.

Casa do Rosário exists for about three years from the initiative of one of the owners, Túlio, of transforming his own house into an art gallery. He goes all around Brazil collecting popular art for exhibiting there.

Working at Centro Paulus for over 20 years, he sought to involve local food producers in supplying the House – thus promoting the sustainable development of the region.

There you can make as stay, such as at a inn, have a healthy and tasty lunch, buy pieces of popular art, rent the space for conventions… it’s very comprehensive and democratic.

Parelheiros’ growth took place in a very unorganized fashion, so it’s a very poor and violent neighborhood. But the initiative to take art to such a place made possible that a relatively humble audience could enjoy the anthroposophy activities offered.

It’s really worth the “trip” to this more remote region, where much of rural life still thrives – there’s even an indigenous village and at some spots you can see the ocean!

Viajo highlights

Parelheiros is almost the southernmost neighborhood in S.P. right before Marsilac, which is the last one before the city touches the Sea ridge. In fact, it is closer to the coast (cities like Itanhaém and São Vicente) than to Downtown – approximately 25 km and 50 km, respectively.

It is the second biggest district of the city (also behind Marsilac), but also one of the least populated, since it holds lots of Atlantic forest preservation areas.

The name of the neighborhood was given because of the several horse races (“parelhas” meaning “racers”) disputed between Brazilians and Germans. That’s because the area became the home of many German immigrants – which curiously went to be neighbors with indigenous people and ex-slaves that lived there.

But the story is not that romantic: the idea of Imperial Brazil’s rulers was to make Brazil “whiter” with people from Europe. And the Germans – brought by Imperatrix Leopoldina, which had her part of Austrian blood, because of her “sympathy “ for them – were fooled and noticed that the area mostly comprised forests and swamps.

Casa do Rosário
Rua Amaro Alves do Rosário, 102,
São Paulo,
S.P. 04884-000
Ciça Camargo Artist, 64

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