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Casa do Mancha

Pinheiros, São Paulo

The house of alt music

The coolest thing about Casa do Mancha (Mancha’s House) is that it doesn’t necessarily seems like a bar, nightclub or concert place. You feel as if you were at a little house party.

It is meant to listen to good music, drink some beer and meet friends early so you can then go to another place.

I’m a frequent since the beginning, when they were just arranging the first shows. I’ve always been a part of the alt rock scene in São Paulo and this place captivated me precisely because of its underground vocation, for bands who eventually don’t get much space in bigger venues… my band has played here thousands of times.

To me, this is the best place to watch undergrounds shows in S.P.

Viajo highlights

Mancha ends up being friends with every band that performs at his house. He has an interesting project called ‘From the house’, with professional videos shot from the shows that take place there.

With some nice edition, he makes excellent recordings of alternative bands that don’t have the cash to invest in a video clip.

Magoo’s band, Twinpine(s), has launched over 10 years only one music video, produced by Mancha.

Casa do Mancha
Rua Felipe de Alcaçova, 89,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05416-020
Magoo Felix Musician and artist, 46

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