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Casa de Francisca

Jardim Paulista, São Paulo

A tiny cabaret in S.P

The first time I went to Casa de Francisca I watched Edson Cordeiro's show. It is very intimate and small, but it looks big at the same time, and the dark atmosphere made me want to dance in my chair.

The wine is good, they have a French waiter, and the place makes me feel like I'm in a mix of an old theatre with an old cinema. Man, you just won't find a similar place in São Paulo, period. It's very unique, surreal in my opinion.

If you're on the street and don't know the address, the place may go by unnoticed. It's just a little front with a light on, nothing written on it. It's one of those places that barely exist, you know? But it does and there's grandiosity inside.

A friend of mine showed me Casa de Francisca one time and I was left trying to understand how a place like that could be conceived. And when you go, it arouses even more your curiosity. I've come to the conclusion that the place is the show - and the show that happens there is the bonus!

I'm half French so I asked the waiter to recommend some French delicacies. He brought cheeses, jams and I loved it, everything is delicious.

Casa de Francisca stays true to its concept, which is presenting, with the deserved recognition, people that's been creating great music for decades.

You have to be a little ahead of time and make reservations on their website, because it's so small and tickets run out quickly.

Viajo highlights

Felipe Cordeiro is a strong name in the new and effervescent musical scene of Belém (State of Pará), whose style of composition has been given many labels.

One of such is "Tecnobrega", something that's been used to describe the use of electronic elements over harmonies and melodies very typical of the North and Northeast regions of Brazil - but that got some Caribbean touch to it.

The musician uses the computer to create most of the beats in his songs - which he described once as "kitsch" -, vintage guitars and a passionate tone in his singing that go from breaking your heart to making you laugh. A peculiar talent!

Casa de Francisca
Rua José Maria Lisboa, 190,
Jardim Paulista,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01423-000
Patrick Assumpção Businessman, 47

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