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Casa 92

Pinheiros, São Paulo

Nightclub “at home”

Largo da Batata (Potato Square), a couple of years from now, will be a very “in” spot in S.P. Lots of people go through there every day, it pulsates! And Casa 92 is a house that follows that movement.

The space is very edgy – the junction of several houses. It’s like you go into a house and then go to another one, and they’re connected by a small internal patio -, each compartment simulates a room of the house, such as a living room, a dining room, a garden... and introduces a different environment, with different music playing and diverse objects in the setting. It’s a genius concept!

The fact that you are going into a nightclub that is a house caused great impact on me the first time I went and it still does.

Last time I went there, with a couple of friends, we literally sat at the kitchen – yet a fake one: it’s so much fun to be at a party in the rooms of this house that is real and fictional at the same time.

For those under 40 years old who are party-goers, it’s worth the while. The place is crowded with beautiful people.

Casa 92
R. Cristóvão Gonçalves, 92,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05426-050
Ciça Camargo Artist, 64

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